A quick roundup of my still-extant game development work

Some of these don't even involve shooting!

A quick roundup of my still-extant game development work
This area was modeled after a computer desk and chair, but I'm really not sure it comes through.

Sometimes I dabble in game development! Haven't made anything notable or even really larger scale than a prototype, but whatever. I have other things I'm doing. Shut up. Leave me alone.

Rogue Hard

The "Convention Center" level, which is, notably, not procedurally generated.

This was my first serious effort using Phaser, a JavaScript library for making 2D web games. The original plan was a procedurally generated office building where you recreate the premise of Die Hard and sneak around taking out enemies and rescuing hostages. I had grand ambitions for the enemies to have a plan that they slowly worked toward and the player could fuck up for them, like McClane stealing the detonators in the film. I never got around to implementing any procgen, but the core gameplay is there and pretty alright.


  • Hotline Miami-esque shooting with mutual one-hit kills
  • Basic stealth, enemies have vision cones and can hear gunshots and come running
  • Player has a sneaking mode where they move more slowly but can't be seen through "furniture" tiles
  • When sneaking, player can do a silent close-range kill on an enemy
  • When not sneaking, player can move through those furniture tiles
  • At some point I added proximity bombs? I don't remember why, but they're fun
  • It's worth mentioning that the enemies being able to pathfind to the player around walls is much more significant and difficult to pull off than the layperson would expect

Gleaming the Cube

Standing in a zone of alternate-direction gravity in the "Forest of Suffering" level.

Made this simple platformer to learn the Godot engine, because I wanted to make something that took advantage of the third D. A previous effort using a poorly documented library that bridged Phaser with three.js went farther than it should have but ultimately nowhere. Godot offers a functional web export and the utterly indispensible Qodot plugin, which lets one make level geometry in Trenchbroom instead of the UI nightmare that is Blender.[1]


  • Grind rails, like in the Sonic games that people don't like
  • Reusable respawn checkpoints
  • Jump pads, just as stolen from Quake 3 as the environment textures
  • Zones of gravity in directions other than down (only in the second level, but I'm very proud of this, it's cool as hell)

If you want, you can download this one as a Windows executable for better gamepad support, or whatever. It's in a 7-zip file, because that compresses better than regular Windows .zip, and the password is cubes because I don't really want to trigger any overzealous online "safe browsing" horseshit by making it visible to automated tools that there's an EXE in there.

Notable miscellany

  • This 2D platformer technically still functions but it's mainly just kind of a historical thing because it was an early learning experience for both Phaser and JavaScript itself. The adorable pink alien guy and all the other graphics are from Kenney.nl, the music is from Incompetech, and I believe the sound effects are from a no-longer-extant online port of sfxr.
  • In like 2012 I used Inform 7 to make a pretty fun/cute text adventure about being a skeleton in a necromancer's army, and it super holds up but has my full legal deadname as the author credit and uhhhh I don't have the source code anymore (two computers ago!) and I haven't figured out how to remove that. Fuck off, 2012 me. What an idiot.
  • I used Node.js and a headless version of Phaser to make a cooperative shooty tower defense ish thing. I can't get the server app to run anymore though. I promise it was fun.

okay that's all

More later? Probably. You could also go read my non-interactive writing or look at some FPS level shitposts I made this year if you wanted.

  1. I'm not even going to link Blender's web site. It's the go-to open-source 3D modeling program, and I've used it to make things, and it sucks. ↩︎