Level Design Shitpost Masterpost

Sometimes the best medium to convey a joke is making a first person shooter map.

Level Design Shitpost Masterpost

I guess there are enough of these now to warrant this!

Richard Serra teleported into Quake 1, immediately obliterated by 19 shamblers and an ogre

My parents visited a Richard Serra sculpture exhibit thing, and sent me this photo:

I could blur that rando's sour face, but that would be effort. If he finds this he can email and ask me to, and then I will.

Notably, this photo is taken from the entrance, because you aren't allowed to take photos inside the exhibit. That rule, along with the simple iconic geometry on display and my profound mental illness, formed an irresistable cocktail, so I chugged it and then barfed this out in Trenchbroom using Makkon textures:[1]

direct link

I linked it to some pals in Discord, and one of them asked if you were allowed to touch the cylinders. Of course, I had to edit in an answer:

direct link

They revealed right afterward that they were hoping I would answer in the form of another edit/video. Touché!

Uncle's birthday cake drizzled with gourmet demon blood

When I woke up today, I saw on family group chat that today is the birthday of the only biological uncle I'm close to, so of course I made this in Doom Builder[2] with OTEX textures and sent it to him because I'm an insane person. I captioned it "I made you a cake, in my own way."

direct link

Credit to these two sounds on freesound.org for the sign reveal noise.

Watch this space for updates, or get impatient and go check out my not-for-existing-games work.

  1. I am an award-winning metaphorist, and if you don't like my metaphors you basically hate art. ↩︎

  2. Technically, I mistakenly used the final build of GZDoom Builder Bugfix, from 2019, instead of the currently updated Ultimate Doom Builder linked here. ↩︎