other places I am active

*hands u my business card and its die cut to be shaped like the doom lost soul sprite with hard sharp pixel corners*

I am not presently on Tumblr. I have a dormant account there, and if you find it I ask that you do not disturb the accumulated outer layer of dust.

I have a mastodon.social account from years ago that I follow people and maybe reply from. It is unlikely I will post much there myself.

My Twitter is now in a state of "riding the bomb down like in Dr. Strangelove" and you should not follow me there if you aren't already.

  1. I've been really negative about Cohost in the past, mostly on the axis that it's another place I can't export my posts or followers and it's run by unaccountable strangers I have no reason to trust. I still have those concerns but it's where I shitpost now and it works alright for that. ↩︎