other places I am active

*hands u my business card and its die cut to be shaped like the doom lost soul sprite with hard sharp pixel corners*

  • Discord: blorgblorgblorg but do not add me if I don't know you personally
  • You could send me an email, I guess? amy@blorgblorgbl.org
  • My Other Blog: I write weirder/funnier posts than here over at Derelict Wizard Yachts

I am not presently on Tumblr. I have a dormant account there, and if you find it I ask that you do not disturb the accumulated outer layer of dust.

I have a mastodon.social account from years ago that I follow people and maybe reply from. It is unlikely I will post much there myself.

My Twitter is now in a state of "riding the bomb down like in Dr. Strangelove" and you should not follow me there if you aren't already.

I was on Cohost for a while, and now I'm not. Bleak how this page is more of a graveyard listing social media sites I found unusable than a link list now.