hey what the fuck

Yeah! Imagine having a personal web site, in 2022, on one's own hosting. Crazy.

okay but why

Because I despise Cohost and Tumblr,[1] and Twitter is not suitable for long-form writing.

I don't do much long-form writing but I've already done enough to justify having a better place to host it than my previous solution, having a folder full of pages that I just link people each time.

who even are you

I'm a hobbyist computer toucher in my mid-30s. I do light web and/or game development on occasion and I sometimes write on Self-Loathing Nerds, my comedic epistolary fiction project.[2]

how can I keep up with your bullshit without remembering to check my bookmark for this incredible webbed site

Good question! Either use the site's RSS feed if you're a big nerd (affectionate) or look here. Email newsletters are not worth setting up because I am simply not going to post often enough to justify a bulk mailing service subscription or including a fucking legal address to please the FTC's worthless anti-spam laws.[3]

that's a cool banner photo btw, under the green filter

Sure is!

  1. I'm gonna write a post about why at some point but the short version is I don't trust either site's leadership. ↩︎

  2. It's mostly fictional blog posts and email newsletters. You know, like an epistolary novel. ↩︎

  3. Yeah! That's a thing! Mailchimp and Email Octopus and such want you to rent a P.O. box or just casually doxx yourself, because idiots who don't know how anything works wrote that law. Email and robocall spam are the worst they've ever been but some asshole who wants to let you know she wrote a new post about computer bullshit needs to reveal her home address or get a physical P.O. box. ↩︎